Monday, August 13, 2012


There are times when we as Christians must stand up and be a Bold , Strong Soldiers for God. Sometimes we have to be courageous for God as Paul was. He was Ready to Preach and Teach the Gospel without fear even when the odds were against him, even when everyone was against him, just willing to lay his life on the line for the Gospel. He Preached and Taught day and night , Ministering the Gospel of Jesus with power and clarity, he did it for three years, developing disciples, We are to be like Paul. No one will be happy about it, in fact you will be call a trouble maker, they will say you are disobedient and defiant, but don't worry when they say all manner of things about you, just remember that if God be for you he is more than all those against you. Just do what he has call you to do and know he will make a way, after way, after way! Paul said, "I will not stop!" don't be like old salt that has lost it's savor, don't roll over and play dead, do not be quite when they tell you too, in fact be like blind Bartimaeus and holler all the louder! proclaiming the Gospel! Like Bro. Paul, I will not stop proclaiming the Gospel of Christ! Blessed be the name of God, Blessed be the name of Jesus! (Matthew 10:26 NLT) BUT DON'T BE AFRAID OF THOSE WHO THREATEN YOU. FOR THE TIME IS COMING WHEN EVERYTHING THAT IS COVERED WILL BE REVEALED, AND ALL THAT IS SECRET WILL BE MADE KNOWN TO ALL. God is doing something in this season, we may not like it, we may not like who he uses to do it, we may not even like how he does it or even understand what God is doing, but let us stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!      ~SIS. DIVA, KEEPING IT REAL 4 JESUS!~ Correspond to this Ministry, I would love to hear from you!

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